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Thank You for Helping FRC Action Start 2021 Strong!

Thank you! The generous support of engaged Christians across America has helped FRC Action begin 2021 on strong financial footing. 

We have already hit the ground running forming relationships with new members of the 117th Congress and training them to be advocates for faith, family, and freedom.

Working with these allies will be critical in the months ahead as we oppose the Left’s radical, anti-family policies including:

  •        Repealing the Hyde Amendment to force you to pay for abortions on demand;
  •        Passing the “Equality” Act that would jeopardize the privacy and safety of women and children, as well as erode religious liberty;
  •        Packing the Supreme Court with unelected, lifetime-tenured judicial activists who will legislate from the bench to advance the Left’s political agenda;
  •        And so much more!

There will be many challenges that lie before us, but thanks to your financial and prayer support, we are prepared to face those challenges head on. 

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