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74 Members of Congress Score a Perfect 100 Percent on FRC Action's 2023 Vote Scorecard

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Family Research Council Action (FRC Action), the legislative arm of Family Research Council, today released its 2023 Vote Scorecard and announced its One Hundred Percent Award winners. The annual award recognizes the members of Congress who displayed unwavering commitment to and support of faith, family, and freedom. In total, 69 U.S. representatives and five U.S. senators scored a perfect 100 percent for votes cast in 2023. 

FRC Action Chairman Tony Perkins made the following comments:

“As Congress continues to fight for the rights of all, including the unborn in this post-Roe nation, there is still much to celebrate, especially for members who have consistently—and repeatedly—stood for life in the face of a pro-abortion mob bent on intimidating Americans into their way of thinking.

“We thank these members of Congress for defending faith, family, and freedom with their votes and voices of leadership. The senators who scored a perfect 100 percent on our scorecard voted to defend life in all sectors of our federal government and stood strong against efforts to remove the deadline for ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment, which would have cleared the way for forcing taxpayers to subsidize abortion on demand. These senators also helped curb the promotion of abortion and radical gender ideology in the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and stood strong against President Biden’s most troubling judicial nominees. 

“In the House, the members who scored a perfect 100 percent on our scorecard voted to protect infants born alive after surviving an attempted abortion and condemned attacks against pro-life pregnancy care centers, groups, and churches. These members also voted to preserve parental rights and to restore Title IX’s purpose of creating an even playing field for female athletes by making it a violation of federal law for schools that receive federal funds to permit a biological male to participate in an athletic program or activity designated for women. These members also stood strong against NDAA amendments that promoted abortion and radical gender ideology in our military. 

“Americans should be encouraged to know that they have so many members of Congress who, despite relentless attacks from the Left and the media, are standing strong for faith, family, and freedom,” concluded Perkins. 

FRC Action President, and former Congressman, Jody Hice remarked: “This year’s One Hundred Percent Award winners have stood strong for all things faith, family and freedom in the face of a determined Left. It is our honor to recognize these Members’ tireless efforts on Capitol Hill to ensure our voices continue to be heard. They were cherished former colleagues and I look forward to many more productive years standing with them.”

To view FRC Action’s 2023 scorecard, click here.