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FRC Action PAC Announces Endorsement of Rep. Jeanne Ives for Governor of Illinois, Criticizes Gov. Bruce Rauner for Breaking Promises

WASHINGTON, D.C.-- FRC Action PAC, the political action committee connected with Family Research Council Action, is endorsing Rep. Jeanne Ives for Governor of Illinois.

FRC Action PAC Executive Vice President, Lt. General (Ret.) Jerry Boykin commented:

“These are challenging times and the nation is looking for leaders who are committed to not just talking about the important issues, but actually addressing them. Rep. Ives’ experience as a West Point graduate, service in the US Army, a wife, and a mother of five children has made her the ideal candidate to do just that.

“As a State Legislator, Rep. Ives has a proven track record as a leader who will fight for the rights of the people. She has demonstrated the ability to get things done and the courage not to cave to political pressure. We applaud Rep. Ives' efforts on behalf of Illinois families.

“After getting elected promising that he had ‘no social agenda’, her opponent Gov. Rauner turned his back and signed legislation that forces taxpayers to pay for abortions for those on Medicaid and state employee health insurance through the full nine months of pregnancy and for any reason. He also signed a law that forces pro-life doctors, nurses, and even pregnancy care centers to refer patients for abortions. His atrocious anti-life, anti-family, and anti-privacy record on these and other issues has been a great disappointment to many. The people of Illinois deserve to have a governor who will not break promises as Gov. Rauner has repeatedly done.

“FRC Action PAC is confident that as governor Jeanne Ives will continue to be a strong advocate for responsible government, for individual liberties, and for strong family values. Once again, we are pleased to offer our endorsement and we urge those who care about the future of our nation and our freedoms to support Jeanne Ives as well,” Boykin concluded.


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