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'Live Together as Brothers -- or Perish as Fools'
He only flew to Seattle once. It was early November of 1961 -- two years before the young civil rights leader would give one (read more)
The 1786 Lesson That Could Save 2021
Now that some of the shock of the last two weeks is starting to wear off, most Americans have the same question: can we (read more)
Five Ways to Prepare for the Days ahead
Wasting away in a Turkish prison wasn't how Andrew Brunson would have chosen to spend two years of his life -- but after (read more)

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Are U.S. Senate Candidate Rev. Warnock's Views Consistent with the Bible?
As the dust begins to settle after the 2020 election, control of the Senate is still up in the air. How? In Georgia, there is a special run-off election scheduled for January 5th which will decide which two candidates will represent the state in the Senate. These two
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