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Clinton Can Run but She Can't Hyde
Who could possibly be more liberal than President Obama? Try the woman applying for his job. After eight years of (read more)
Glean around the Gills
Common sense isn't the only thing that fell by the wayside in the DNC platform -- so did religious liberty. America's first (read more)
In God We Trust Sunday!
Saturday is the 60th Anniversary of the adoption of "God We Trust" as America's official national motto. Well (read more)

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A Comparison of the Democrat and Republican Platforms
by Andrew Guernsey (July 25, 2016)
Last week, the Republican Party ratified its 2016 platform that includes key socially conservative planks on life, marriage, and religious liberty, which FRC Action, in tandem with our partner delegates, helped to improve from the 2012 platform. This week, the Democrats
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