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Hoosiers can turn the tide on marriage this fall, IF the statehouse advances the marriage amendment forward with no changes this week.
January 13, 2014 - Monday

Hoosiers have always stood for marriage between one man and one woman, but activist judges across the country have begun setting aside state laws on marriage. It's time for Indiana to place the definition of marriage in the state constitution.

State lawmakers passed the Marriage Protection Amendment once; when they pass it again it will go to the people for a vote.

Your urgent action is needed to get it over the finish line.

Today your state legislators began debating the Marriage Protection Amendment, and they are already hearing from homosexual activists. Some legislators have already bowed to the pressure; others are caving by degrees.

Your legislators need to hear from you, and your friends, today.

The other side isn't waiting. They've hired almost a dozen lobbyists. They're in Indianapolis as we speak. They are writing and calling their elected representatives. I can tell you that the pressure is intense.

We cannot afford sit back and take this process for granted.

Tell your state senator and representative to stand for marriage by passing the marriage protection amendment. And tell them to pass it unchanged; in an underhanded attempt to fool voters, homosexual activists have been pressuring lawmakers to change the wording of the amendment.

There's no need to change the amendment; a marriage protection amendment with similar-if not stronger-wording passed in North Carolina. And experts agree that changing the amendment's language now, after it passed two years ago in the previous legislative session, will undermine the amendment and make it susceptible to legal challenge.

Please click here to contact your representatives in Indianapolis.

And then take a moment to pray, and pass this on to your family and friends.

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