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Urge the General Assembly to let the people vote on the Marriage Amendment
February 03, 2014 - Monday

Act now to urge your state Senator and Representative to work together to send the Marriage Amendment, in its original form, to the people to decide. You may not have another chance.

Hoosiers are sitting on a marriage time bomb. Every day that goes by without the natural definition of marriage protected in the Constitution is another day an activist judge, somewhere, can decide to foist his "progressive" vision of marriage on all of Indiana's citizens. And when marriage is redefined in a state, experience shows that everyone loses.

Recent polls show a majority of Hoosiers support the Amendment, which defines the natural definition of marriage: one man and one woman.

More importantly over three-fourths of the state -- on both sides of the issue -- say they want to vote on the Amendment at the ballot box this fall.

But if that vote is going to happen, both houses of the Assembly need to work together to pass the original language of the Amendment. Wisconsin, Michigan, and Ohio already have similar language on their books. Indiana is one of only three states that define marriage in their laws but not in their constitution.

Debating the language of the Amendment now needlessly delays an up or down vote by the people for another two years.  Opponents of the Marriage Amendment are using delay tactics to kill it.

The time to act is now and your representatives in the Assembly need to hear from you today.

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