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January 24, 2014 - Friday

Greetings from FRC Action!

We wanted to share the following information with you from our friends at the Indiana Family Institute. If you have previously received this message, please simply disregard this second contact. We did, however, want to make certain that you, your friends, and your neighbors would be aware of this very critical information.

We encourage you to join the Indiana Family Institute in making your voice heard today!

Over the years I have really tried to cut down on the volume of emails IFI sends. However, 10 years of work towards giving you the freedom to decide the future of marriage will culminate in a vote before the Indiana House of Representatives on Monday. So please forgive me for all the emails, but there is no more critical time for Indiana's Marriage Amendment then right now.

Monday, House Democrats, aided by a growing number of House Republicans will try to change the wording of the Indiana Marriage Amendment, essentially killing it and denying you your freedom to decide the future of marriage in Indiana at the ballot box on November 4th, 2014.

It is critical that the Marriage Amendment is passed UNCHANGED through the Indiana House of Representatives when they come back in Session at 1:30 p.m. Monday afternoon.

Please immediately contact the following 15 undecided legislators. Their votes will be the difference in the fight to protect marriage in Indiana.

You will likely get the voicemail of their Legislative Assistant. Leave your name and respectfully urge these legislators to support the Marriage Amendment EXACTLY as it is, without amendment. Calls over the weekend will go to voicemail, but will be passed along to these Representatives. So please tell your friends and make as many calls as you can this weekend through Monday. We need as many calls as possible going to these key legislators leading up to the vote on Monday afternoon.

Your decision on whether to call these legislators could be the difference between the Marriage Amendment's success or failure on Monday.

Thank you for your help and for your prayers.

* Legislators who are on record in our questionnaire from the last election (2012) pledging to support the exact wording of the Marriage Amendment as currently introduced

Casey Cox, 317-232-9769

Tom Dermody, 317-232-9619

*Sharon Negele, 317-232-9816

*Cindy Ziemke, 317-232-9850

*Kevin Mahan, 317-232-9613

Rebecca Kubacki, 317-232-9678

Cindy Kirchhofer, 317-232-9793

Kathy Heuer, 317-232-9647

*Steve Braun, 317-232-9863

Ben Smaltz, 317-232-9648

Randy Truitt, 317-232-9619

Chuck Moseley, 317-232-9822

Jim Lucas, 317-232-9671

Greg Beumer, 317-234-3827

Dan Leonard, 317-232-9793

Thank you for standing with us and the Indiana Family Institute to protect and defend Faith, Family, and Freedom!

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