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Contact your State Representative today (217-782-2000) and urge them to oppose the so-called Equal Rights Amendment, a radical expansion of abortion "rights."
May 28, 2014 - Wednesday

Your help is needed today to protect life in Illinois.

Illinois House Joint Resolution CA0007 would ratify the "Equal Rights Amendment" (ERA) which would trump any state abortion law in Illinois under the theory that any limit or regulation on abortion is discriminatory against women since no similar healthcare restriction is applicable to men.

The Equal Rights Amendment has already been killed numerous times in the past, having exceeded Congress' original ERA seven year expiration deadline decades ago. Liberal Democrats are again trying again to push it through the legislature, ignoring the Constitutional process.

Can you call your State Representative and ask them to oppose House Joint Resolution CA0007? Call the switchboard today at (217) 782-2000 and ask for your State Representative.

The Equal Rights Amendment is designed to generate litigation in order to enable judges to rule on issues of social policies that would otherwise be rejected. The ERA would undermine the very rights it proposes to advance and could result in taxpayer funding of abortion.

This resolution could come up for a vote as soon as tomorrow in the House.

Call your State Representative today and ask them to oppose the Equal Rights Amendment!

Thank you for your continued work.

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