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April 16, 2013 - Tuesday

Greetings from FRC Action!

We wanted to share the following information with you from our friends at Colorado Family Action. If you have previously received this message, please simply disregard this second contact. We did, however, want to make certain that you, your friends, and your neighbors would be aware of this very critical information.

We encourage you to join Colorado Family Action in making your voice heard today!

Call to Action: HB 1154 Crimes Against Pregnant Women

Colorado Family Action opposes House Bill 1154, Crimes Against Pregnant Women Act. Unfortunately, the title of this bill is misleading.

Within HB 1154 it seeks to repeal part 1 of article 6 of title 18 of our Colorado Revised Statute, criminal abortion statute. We believe there is no benefit to the pro-life community in repealing this language from our statute as it is our hope that one day Roe v. Wade will be overturned, even if currently it is unenforceable.

HB 1154 will be heard in the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, April 17th, 2013 in Room 356.

Take Action: Please contact the Senate Judiciary Committee and encourage them to oppose this legislation. Below is contact information for the committee members.

For additional information click here.

Senate Judiciary Committee Members:

Senator Lucia Guzman, Chair (Democrat, SD 34) Phone: (303) 866- 4862

Senator Irene Aguilar, Vice-Chair (Democrat, SD 32) Phone: (303) 866-4852

Senator Jessie Ulibarri (Democrat, SD 21) Phone: (303) 866-4857

Senator Steve King (Republican, SD 07) Phone: (303) 866-3077

Senator Kevin Lundberg (Republican, SD 15) Phone: (303) 866-4853

Thank you for standing with us and Colorado Family Action to protect and defend Faith, Family, and Freedom!

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