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January 14, 2014 - Tuesday

Greetings from FRC Action!

We wanted to share the following information with you from our friends at the Christian Civic League of Maine. If you have previously received this message, please simply disregard this second contact. We did, however, want to make certain that you, your friends, and your neighbors would be aware of this very critical information.

We encourage you to join the Christian Civic League of Maine in making your voice heard today!

The Christian Civic League is defending the religious rights of all Mainers, but we will not prevail unless Maine citizens who value their freedom are willing to take the steps necessary for their voices to be heard. LD 1428 "An Act to Defend Religious Freedom" sponsored by Sen. David Burns, is a critical bill that requires all of us doing what we can to promote it.

Why is LD 1428 "An Act to Protect Religious Freedom" necessary?

In 1993, liberals and conservatives joined forces to reverse a dreadful US Supreme Court decision -- Employment Division vs Smith. The Harvard Law Review (hardly a conservative source) declared the Supreme Court had "gutted the First Amendment." The resulting legislation was the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) which restored the federal government's burden when attempting to restrict individual citizen's religious rights.

In 1997, the US Supreme Court declared that RFRA pertained only to federal government and therefore did not apply to states. Eighteen states have since passed their own religious freedom bills in order to make sure their state laws reflect the federal statues in matters pertaining to the First Amendment.

What can you do to make sure Maine becomes the 19th state to pass a religious freedom bill?

Go to and click on the "What can I do to defend religious freedom" banner. On this page you can:

  • Register with our Citizen Action Center enabling you to directly e-mail your state representative, state senator and members of the Judiciary Committee
  • Volunteer to make phone calls and encourage other citizens to contact their legislators
  • Be informed of events like public hearings and rallies
  • Volunteer to give testimony at the public hearing

The public hearing for LD 1428 "An Act to Protect Religious Freedom" is Thursday, January 16 at 1 p.m. in room 438 in the Capitol. The time for action is now. If you want to get involved or have any questions, call the Christian Civic League at 207-622-76344 or e-mail us at

[Editor's note: The Christian Civic league has also developed church bulletin inserts for use this Sunday.]

Thank you for standing with us and the Christian Civic League of Maine to protect and defend Faith, Family, and Freedom!

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