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November 04, 2013 - Monday

You have heard countless times that this election is especially crucial to Virginia's future. I'm not going to mince words, but this election has proven to be one of the most divisive elections we have seen in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Terry McAuliffe and the Democrats are pouring millions of dollars into the Commonwealth to call attention to their message of being pro-abortion and anti-family.

Aside from their overwhelming focus on promoting abortion rights, the Democrats have been unmerciful in their attacks against the Republicans. Recently, the Democrat candidate for Lieutenant Governor, Ralph Northam, refused to shake Bishop E.W. Jackson's hand after their debate.

However, we can do something to counter the Democrats' recent attacks, and this is to vote tomorrow. In fact, we should encourage our family and friends to vote as well. This election is critical and every vote counts!

FRC Action PAC has endorsed Ken Cuccinelli for Governor; Bishop E.W. Jackson for Lieutenant Governor; and Mark Obenshain for Attorney General. All three candidates have been staunch defenders of protecting the sanctity of human life and promoting traditional family values.

This election is critical, and your voice needs to be heard to protect the lives of the unborn. Please vote tomorrow, November 5th, and encourage others to do the same.

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