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February 07, 2017 - Tuesday

Greetings from FRC Action!

We wanted to share the following information with you from our friends at the Pennsylvania Family Council. If you have previously received this message, please simply disregard this second contact. We did, however, want to make certain that you, your friends, and your neighbors would be aware of this very critical information.

The Pennsylvania Senate is likely considering SB 3 tomorrow. This important piece of legislation would ban late-term dismemberment abortions in the state. Please consider contacting your State Senator today and tell them to support SB 3!

We encourage you to join the Pennsylvania Family Council in making your voice heard today!

As you may recall, last year we ran out of time in the State Senate to pass legislation that would have ended both late-term and dismemberment abortions in Pennsylvania; legislation that is a much-need improvement to our nearly 30-year-old abortion law. This year, a renewed effort to pass this meaningful legislation begins today with a scheduled vote on Senate Bill 3 (SB3) in the State Senate Judiciary Committee.

1) Please call your State Senator with this simple request: "Please vote YES on Senate Bill 3."

Please call their office and ask for your Senator's support of SB3.

Pro-abortion lobby groups who want abortion-on-demand without limits are already pushing hard against SB3; which is especially why your call and show of support is timely and important.

2) Please email using our Citizen Action Center your support of SB3.

Click here to go to our SB3 Action Alert. By entering your contact information, we will automatically identify and submit a message to your State Senator and State Representative in support of this life-saving legislation.

BONUS: If you would, help us inform others about the need to encourage our elected officials to pass SB3 and helping to save lives in Pennsylvania. Share the action alert at for click here to forward this email.

Twenty states have passed laws limiting abortion to the first five months (20 weeks) of pregnancy. Seven states have passed bans on the barbaric dismemberment abortion procedure.

Thank you for your prayers and action to help Pennsylvania join these states and update our outdated abortion law. YES on SB3!

For more insights on SB3 and how it will save lives in Pennsylvania, go to our website at And stay tuned for updates on this today's scheduled committee vote and additional information on SB3.

Thank you for standing with us and the Pennsylvania Family Council to protect and defend Faith, Family, and Freedom!

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