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FRC Action Calls on Indiana Senate to Restore Marriage Amendment, Respect Voters Right to Decide Future of Marriage

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Family Research Council Action (FRC Action) today joined the Indiana Family Institute and the American Family Association of Indiana in calling on the Indiana Senate to restore the second sentence of the Marriage Protection Amendment. Restoring the second sentence language will allow voters the right to vote this November on the amendment which protects the definition of marriage from activist judges.

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins released the following statement:

"Yesterday, the Indiana House of Representatives disenfranchised voters who expected their elected officials to respect the right of the people to decide the future of marriage. We join our friends at the Indiana Family Institute and the American Family Association of Indiana in calling on the State Senate to restore the amendment language that was approved by the General Assembly just three years ago. Voters should have the right to decide the future of marriage, not activist judges.

"This is why the State Senate must restore the amendment rather than leave the future of marriage in the hands of activist judges. Freedoms are on the line.

"Redefining natural marriage is about far more than the marriage altar; it is about fundamentally altering society. In the wake of same-sex marriage, religious freedom and parental rights have been lost. Business owners, like florists, bakers and photographers have been hauled into court, fined and even put out of business for simply refusing to participate in a same-sex wedding. But it doesn't stop there; university professors, sportscasters and even members of the military have been demoted or fired for simply believing marriage is the union of one man and one woman. Families have been impacted as parents have lost the right to determine whose values are taught to their children," concluded Perkins.

On Monday morning, FRC Action, Indiana Family Institute, and American Family Association of Indiana held a joint news conference in the Indiana State House urging approval of the Marriage Protection Amendment, unchanged. FRC Action also announced the release of a radio ad. To listen to the ad, click here: